The TMASC Region has strong partnerships among academia, industry, and government. This interaction creates a triple helix that supports the highest quality research and development to support innovation in regional industries.

The Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) in San Antonio, one of the oldest and largest private applied research and development organizations in the US, provides contract research and development services to industrial and governmental clients world-wide. It has a division dedicated to engine, emissions, and vehicle research. The Advanced Vehicle Technology division offers various services including modeling and simulation work, technical design and evaluation studies, prototype development, and vehicle component testing. One of SwRI’s newest programs, the Energy Storage System Evaluation and Safety consortium, is a cooperative research project to advance the development of energy storage systems for electric and hybrid-electric vehicle applications.

The Mexican Corporation for Materials Research (COMIMSA) is a public research center that is part of the CONACYT System. COMIMSA offers specific services to the automotive sector including engineering, testing, design and production of mechanical components.

The Strategic Alliance and Innovation Network (AERI) aims to create a network to elevate the competitiveness of research, technology development, and innovation of precision machine parts in the automotive sector in Mexico. The alliance includes a number of private companies, public universities and research centers, and non-profit organizations.

The University of Texas at Austin’s Center for Electromechanics has a program dedicated to the development of electric vehicles. Through this program, the center focuses on technology development and transfer to firms capable of production. Funding for research is provided by federal and state agencies, utility companies, industrial project partners, a metropolitan transportation authority, and commercial investors.

Representative Research Centers

Institution Name City
Alianza Estratégica y Red de Innovación (AERI) / Punto Nacional de Contact Sectorial Automotriz Across Mexico
Corporación Mexicana de Investigación en Materiales (COMIMSA) Saltillo, Reynosa, Monclova, Ciudad Madero, MX
El Tenológico de Monterrey: Center for Development for the Automotive Industry in Mexico Toluca, MX
El Tenológico de Monterrey: Center of Automotive Mechatronic Research Toluca, MX
GM Foundation Combustion Sciences and Automotive Research Labs Austin, TX
Instituto de Innovación y Transferencia de Tecnología de Nuevo León Nuevo León, MX
Southern Methodist University, Research Center for Advanced Manufacturing Dallas, TX
Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) San Antonio, TX
Texas A&M University, Supply Chain Systems Laboratory College Station, TX
Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center (TMAC) Across Texas
Texas Sustainable Energy Research Institute (TSERI), University of Texas at San Antoino San Antonio, TX
University of Texas, Society of Automotive Engineers Arlington, Austin, TX
University of Texas at Arlington, Manufacturing Automation and Robotic Systems Arlington, TX
University of Texas at Austin, Center for Electromechanics Austin, TX
University of Texas at El Paso, Engines & Alternative Fuels Research Lab El Paso, TX
University of Texas at San Antonio, Center for Advanced Manufacturing & Lean Systems San Antonio, TX